Our Story | The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar York PA

Meet Our Team

Chef Sean Arnold and his wife Mandy took ownership of The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar in 2017, carrying on the 25-year legacy of York’s most reputable restaurant.

Our team is dedicated to the idea that food should be experienced. Every day, we work together to bring fresh, flavorful dishes to our guests, served by an attentive staff who want you to have an exceptional dining experience – worthy of telling others about.

Susquehanna Style, Silver Spoon Winner. 2017+

Chef Sean Arnold, Chef-Owner

Committed to nourishing and nurturing people and planet, Chef Sean strives to reduce waste and source responsibly, while leading his culinary team with the belief that success is a team effort. Chef Sean, a Baltimore native, has a MS in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Prior to owning The Left Bank, he ran a successful private supper club that explored global flavors and unique dining experiences, earning him a reputation for being an ambitious Chef with a distinct perspective on creating memorable dining experiences through flavor exploration.

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Sean McGirr, Executive Sous Chef

Passionate about food, Sean McGirr has been part of The Left Bank culinary team for more than a decade, ensuring quality and timeliness is achieved every day. A lover of whiskey and good food, he guides the team to deliver on expectations, every time.

Scot Kile, Maître D’

A recognized face in York, Scot ensures guests have a memorable experience while dining at The Left Bank. Scott is attentive to every detail, helping guests feel at ease and well cared for.

Dagmar Snowadzky, Special Events Manager

Dagmar curates our wine collection, selecting a variety of choices for our guests to pair with Chef’s menu. She also supports special guest requests for larger groups and marketing requests.

Lonnie Soberanis, Sous Chef

Overseeing kitchen production, Lonnie makes sure things are running smoothly so that our team can deliver quickly. He also personally makes sure our famous spicy banana pepper parmesan calamari dish is perfect every time.

Nichole Flaharty, Pastry Chef

Overseeing our dessert menu, Nichole has been with the restaurant for nearly two decades, bringing traditional favorites and fresh ideas together to satisfy every guest.

Mandy Arnold, Co-Owner, Marketing/Brand Manager

Married to Chef Sean Arnold, Mandy is the President/CEO of Gavin™, a digital public relations agency, when she’s not at the restaurant. Mandy oversees the brand persona and marketing strategy for The Left Bank.